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Night Owls Bugle November 2023

Night Owls Bugle November 2023
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Sincere goodly wishes to our much appreciated loyal followers. Well once

more we send you a copy of the fact laden 'Bugle' with an early notification

of our Christmas Extravaganza of Joyous Jazz that will feature that

Perennial Dove Jazz Club Favourite Jools with his Jazzaholics and much,

much more as usual at your bespoke Dove Jazz Club, which as you are all

aware of takes place in the almost luxurious Dove Village Hall. I am assured

that there will be a quantity of mouth-wateringly Deep Filled Mince Pies for

you to consume at this the Christmas Gathering - at no extra charge !

Further information is as usual contained in the attached copy of the well-read

and rather popular 'Bugle' of our special November Band, The Night Owls Jazz Band

that will strut its stuff on the Dove Podium tonight. As is the case as usual, if you do

live within a reasonable driving distance of our Village Hall we do extend a most

courteous invitation to you to be amongst the throng at one of our live

Conceptual Concerts.

The Dove Village Folk celebrated the Coronation of King Charles III on May 6 th

this year. Every resident in the Village aged 16 and under on the day of the

Coronation was presented with a Commemorative Fine Bone China Mug from

the Foley Pottery who are based in the Longton area of Stoke. There are just

a very few of these delightful boxed decorative mugs left, those that remain

would make ideal Christmas Presents. They are On Sale from behind the Bar at

the Hall for the unbelievably reasonable sum of £10.00 each.

Don't forget too that as we approach the time for Father Christmas to pay us

all a visit with his enticing sack full of the famous Butcher Burnham's Pies. As

per tradition their secret formula will once more be enhanced with a modicum

or two of his exclusively chosen Seasonal Reindeer Meat of unique traceability.

We have almost finished finalising the line-up of the 'Star Studded Bands' who

will feature on the Dove Podium in 2024. I am assured that the full list will be

available for your perusal at the beginning of December of this year. In one of

its formats of reference it will be a most collectable and Exuberant, Shiny,

Fixture Card. There you are; something else to look forward to as well as the

Festive Season and the New Year !

Take Care and 'Mind the Trams.'


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