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Frog and Henry Bugle April 2023

Frog and Henry Bugle April 2023
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Another month goes by and a further edition of the select electronic Bugle has rolled off the press and enters your abode to update you on current and future events at the not being far off 'World Famous' Dove Jazz Club which are staged in the well-appointed Village Hall. We are indeed fortunate that our venue possesses a large, reasonably, smooth surfaced, well-lit and roomy car park that gives easy, level access to the user friendly Village Hall for our very much valued choice 'Jazz Clientele!' That it is situated just off the A6 above the top end of the immaculately prepared Cricket Field that will see its first game of the 2023 Season staged upon its hallowed turf on the 22 April, when New Mills will be the Club's First Team visitors is another bonus. In fact an enquiry for a Private Booking for the Hall has just been received that insists that the specific date and times for their event must coincide with a Cricket match being played. A rather unusual but none the less much appreciated request. What a unrefined pleasure it will be to hear the wonderful sound of leather upon willow once again to mark the start of yet another Season for our Club that was originally formed sometime in the 1880's with its personnel being very much dominated by people who gave the name 'Quarrymen' to the title of their employment. This was 35 years prior to the first jazz recording being made in 1917 by the Original Dixieland Jass Band in New York, which listed such famous numbers as Tiger Rag, Fidgety Feet and Livery Stable Blues with its renowned attempted reproduction of the sounds of the animals of the 'farmyard on its sleeve.

Don't forget that your presence in our audience to enjoy the Frog and Henry Chaps who form this highly listenable and visual Band on Saturday the 15 th April will be tremendously appreciated. Please make a note of the gathering in your Diary or your Calendar or Both. You know that it makes sense! I would also like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention a 'One Off Village Event' that is being staged at your Village Hall and its surrounding pastures on Sunday the 7 th May to mark the Coronation of King Charles III. It doesn't need me to tell you that this is your Country's first Coronation for Seventy Years! A variety of attractions are being staged to provide folk with entertainment from Noon on the appointed day.


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