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Edinburgh's Tenement Jazz Band Bugle April 2022

Tenement Bugle April 2022
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Dear Supporter

We are grateful for the opportunity via this electronic April Edition of the 'Bugle' to give you fair warning, a term much beloved of the often rotund with a well-heeled appearance 'Television Auctioneers,' of yet another of our famed 'Jazz Gatherings' at the Village Hall that you will most certainly not wish to miss.

April should mark a point in the year when all of us can expect to be blessed with some better weather even in the lofty climes of Dove Holes with the result that the prospect of having to battle through fog, hail, snow and falling trees and branches to attend a Concert at the Village Hall should become more and more of a distant memory for our much appreciated loyal band of jazz aficionados!

Your presence upon a comfortable chair in the inner sanctum of Dove's luxurious facilities enjoying the joyous tones of one of our hand-picked Bands is always very much appreciated and we all look forward to welcoming you once again to the Centre of the Universe to partake of one of life's most rewarding pastimes, the pursuit of New Orleans Music in all of its forms.

Fingers crossed that the new cricket boundary fence and LED energy saving lighting will be in place and fully functional for the visit of the lads of the Tenement Jazz Band, one of whose members is, I am once again reliably informed, a noted 'International Haggis Breeder !' We are having a few teething troubles securing delivery of the components for the project with various excuses for their non-delivery being proffered by the Manufacturers.

By the way at our March production John Hallam told me that following my comments in the 'Bugle' he had been required to wear a Rabbit costume on three separate occasions during his long and distinguished musical career. His most troubling experience whilst masquerading as a rabbit had been in the back streets of Lower Bedworthy where he had been vigorously pursued by a ginormous Pole Cat Cross Ferret that had a menacingly hungry look about its eye. You see you jazz supporters just don't know one half of what your esteemed performers have to endure to provide you with their quality musicianship !


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