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Chicago Teddy Bears Bugle October 2023

Chicago Teddy Bears Bugle October 2023
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It is our pleasant duty yet again to regale you with yet a further edition of the much talked about Bugle which has just rolled off the press and enters your abode to give you the news of the imminent and future goings on at your exceedingly user friendly Jazz Club – a club that diligently endeavours to constantly bring you only the very best of the Traditional Style Bands present on the British Jazz Scene today, and occasionally further afield.

It is gratifying to be able to inform you that we are very close to finalising our line up for the whole of 2024! We have just got to confirm the one remaining vacant date and then we will be ready to submit our documentation for publication and its subsequent distribution to you, our very much valued patrons. Pease try and contain your excitement a little longer whilst awaiting publication of the eagerly sought after 2024 Fixture Card. The odd detail is already in your possession. I can truthfully assure you that the wait will be worth it ! Next year's Bands and their Musicians will more than live up to your expectations. Its contents will most certainly be exciting so please try and ensure that you are seated before you reveal its contents to yourself !

Don't forget that your presence in our audience to enjoy the enchanting renditions from distinguished Bands and their component Musicians is most certainly always tremendously appreciated by ourselves. Please make a note of our gatherings in your Diary or on your colourful Calendar or possibly on both. You know that it makes sense to be present at and to be occupying a cosy chair in our Village Hall with your mode of transport carefully and safely parked outside on our puddle free, well illuminated car park when we are staging a Concert !

Kindly regards and Happy Jazzing


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