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Chicago Teddy Bears Bugle November 2022

Chicago Teddy Bears Bugle November 2022
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A warm welcome to one and all.

Please find attached the latest copy of your informative 'Bugle' giving you recent news from the Centre of the Universe on your Jazz Club. The Chicago Teddy Bears Society Jazz Band will be on our podium towards the end of November and we eagerly await their inaugural visit to our hamlet in the hills.

These are still difficult days for those gradely people who have an interest in the music from the Crescent City. As far as the future of Dove Jazz Club is concerned I am now able to reveal that the first two months of 2023 will see visits from further 'Dove Virgins', Alligator Gumbo who are based in Leeds, on Saturday 14th January, and on Saturday the18th February we will have those firm Dove favourites Tom Langham's Hot Fingers who will once again be graced with the presence of Emily Campbell amongst their distinguished ranks. Further details of our 2023 Programme will be published a soon as they are to hand.

If you reside within striking distance of our venue we trust that you will be able to occupy one of our comfortable chairs in the not too distant future and enjoy the soothing sounds of New Orleans.

Best wishes as ever


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