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Jake Leg Bugle May 2022

Jake Leg Bugle 2022
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Dear Supporter

It appears to have come around rather quickly this month for preparations to be made for you to take delivery of that esteemed organ known as the 'Bugle.' It contains the usual scurrilous details of your Club's goings on and is presented in its somewhat tongue in cheek manner.

It would greatly assist the Community Association if you could please refrain from parking to the left hand side of the Village Hall where almost thirty local folk pay into the Hall's coffers to have a reserved parking space. This arrangement produces a valuable source of income to assist with keeping the doors of the Hall open and its wonderful facilities available for Jazz Performances amongst many other social events.

As you will have seen if you attended our April Presentation the new fence which separates the Cricket Field from the Community Approach Road and Parking is virtually completed. We sincerely hope that the new improved LED lighting will be fully operational for the visit by the Jake Leg Jug Band and all of our visitors will be able in the words of William Blake to 'Let their light so shine.'

We do sincerely hope that as many of you as possible will be able to occupy a seat in our Hallowed Chamber to assist with keeping our music live and a product that continues to be available to its devotees.


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