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Hot Fingers Bugle June 2022

Hot Fingers Bugle June 2022
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Greetings jazzers

Well here it is yet another edition of the award winning 'Bugle' that proudly hails the appearance of Tom Langham's Hot Fingers at the Dove Jazz Club. We can, going off previous numerous visits, be absolutely certain that it will be a night to remember filled with joyous sounds, melodious vocals and fascinating fact filled snippets between numbers delivered by that unsurpassable link man Mr Langham. If anyone is on the top of his job it is Mr Langham with his meticulously researched encyclopaedic knowledge of both the music and the wonderful characters from all walks of life who delivered the goods to eager members of the public from various platforms and stages in a vast range of venues!

Many Clubs these days would appear to be suffering from a lack of audience numbers for a variety of reasons. Obviously this is not a good sign for the future of our style of music being performed live and its future. We trust that whenever possible you will endeavour to support live appearances by Bands within travelling distance of your home to make them viable. The increased cost of fuel, accommodation and food does not encourage musicians to undertake tours to present their music to a wider public. It is more essential than ever that the diminishing number of musicians playing our music receive a reasonable reward for their considerable endeavours. I am afraid that many of them must be out of pocket on occasions at some of the Gigs that they do. Many of you will already I am sure be aware of the point that I am trying to make and be doing your upmost to reverse this sad trend. It is very much a case of the old adage, 'use it or lose it' I am afraid!

Happy Jazzing and best wishes


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